Dentures in Yuma, AZ

Partial Denture: When some good teeth are left in the mouth (and some natural teeth are missing), a partial denture can be fabricated to replace the missing teeth, to restore lost function and appearance. Today partials can be made that do not show any metal and appear natural. In some cases, when only one or two good (or fair) teeth are left, a type of partial can be made which could eventually become a full denture (if and when the remaining teeth have to be extracted).

Complete Denture: When almost all the teeth are hopelessly diseased and/or loose, a complete denture is a good option. Although it is good to keep your own natural teeth as long as possible, due to many reasons the teeth can become infected and loose; when that happens the best solution is to take the teeth out and get complete dentures. Most of the time, the complete dentures can be placed in the mouth immediately after the extractions, so one does not have to walk around without any teeth!

If you are missing any of your natural teeth, call Dental Clinic of Yuma today to schedule a consultation and discover which restorative dentistry and tooth replacement options are right for you.