Digital X-rays

At Dental Clinic of Yuma, we use digital radiography including digital panoramic views, which is the latest in dental X-ray technology. Digital radiography allows us to determine the state of your teeth and mouth safely and effectively. Instantly viewable and requiring low amounts of radiation, digital X-rays can help Dr. Masillamoni and our team detect:

  • Bone loss
  • Tumors/cysts
  • Abnormalities
  • Decay in and around the teeth

Digital X-rays require significantly less radiation than traditional film X-rays, making them a safe diagnostic tool. Dr. Masillamoni typically recommends having bite-wing digital X-rays taken of your teeth annually during your regular continuing care visits to ensure that you remain in optimal oral health. To schedule your six-month check-up or to learn more about digital radiography, please contact our office today.